New Trips Planned for 2020!

March 21-29, 2020

$959, double occupancy
This Diamond Tours Bus trip includes 8 nights lodging and 13 meals.
You will take a cruise on the Biscayne Bay, visit the enchanting
Coral Castle, visit Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens, as well as
visit the Island City of Key West.

April 20-23, 2020

$419, double occupancy
Several have sign up for this trip!
This Diamond Tours Bus Trip includes: 3 nights' lodging.
It also includes visiting the spectacular Biltmore Estate and garden,
visiting the new Antler Village and winery. You will have a
guided tour of Ashville, view the St. Lawrence Basilica, and
take a guided tour on the Blue Ridge Parkway.


How the World Celebrates
the New Year

In the U.S.
The New Year is often ushered in with parties, fireworks, and a midnight kiss.

At the stroke of midnight, people eat 12 grapes, one for each month of the year ahead, for good luck.

In the country's region of Siberia, divers plunge into icy lakes to place a New Year tree, or yolka, beneath the water's surface, symbolizing a new beginning.

Germans give a sweet greeting to January 1st by eating the jelly doughnut known as a Berliner, Pfannkuchen or krapfen.
All across the Asian nation, the sound of cities ringing in the New Year can be heard at midnight, when bells chime 108 times as a cleansing ritual.
Those hoping for travel adventures in the coming year will carry an empty suitcase with them, a custom in Colombia and other Latin American countries.

Symbolizing renewal, onions are hung on doorways as a good luck token.
To bring prosperity and good luck, Brazillians
wear white on New Year's Eve and toss
white flowers and candles into the ocean.
At midnight, people sprinkle salt on their doorsteps, which is believed to bring peace
and good fortune.
For protection in the new year, many dress up as bears and perform a dance to scare away bad luck.


Laugh Away the Winter Blahs

If you find yourself with a case of the winter blahs, try watching a comedy or chatting with a funny friend. Studies show that laughter causes your brain to release mood-lifting endorphins.


Don't Get Zapped!

Keep a deryer sheet in the pocket of your winter coat to avoid getting zapped with static electricity when you grab the handle of a grocery cart, gas pump, or a metal door knob.

"LOVE ME TENDER" Elvis of 1956

Celebrate Elvis Presley's birthday in January 8th

with a back to the movies debut in 1956

with the movie "Love Me Tender".

Elvis' biggest box-office hit was this movie and song.

It gave Elvis a No. 1 single, which was the

title song. This song had 1 million advance

orders, making it a gold record, before

it was even released in 1956!



At the middle of 2019 we would like to take this opportunity to make you aware
of the many services offered by your Posey County Council on Aging.

Our primary service is transportation. We not only provide services to the senior citizens
of Posey County, but we are also able to assist most Medicaid clients - regardless of age.
The majority of our clients are transported to medical facilities.

We have limited in-home services. This service is provided for a fee to those who are
unable to perform needed tasks such as light houekeeping, meal preparation, and/or shopping.

We also offer help with information, referrals, and needs' assessment.

PCCA has three locations - in Poseyville, New Harmony and in Mt. Vernon.

The Poseyville location has an active membership with
a center coordinator who plans various activities throughout each month.
Activities include: a pitch-in meal once a month, a hot meal each Wednesday,
an exercise program, Bingo, and Clabber games each week.
The Posey County Health Nurse checks blood pressure for
several members weekly.

The New Harmony Center also has a center coordinator. Members enjoy playing
Clabber and Bingo on a weekly basis. The Posey County Health Nurse
checks blood pressure for several members. Also, a hot meal is served
each Wednesday to the members.

The largest site is in Mt. Vernon with the most active membership. A variety
of card games and Bingo are enjoyed many days. Exercise equipment and
a fitness program are available to all members. Hot meals are also
served each Wednesday to the seniors.

All three locations accepts a donation of $4.00 for each meal.
Reservations must be made at least one day in advance.

PCCA strives to make senior citizens the best they can be with
the supportive services offered.

Local contributions and dontions are an important source of funding
and are tax deductible.

We are here to help! Do not hesitate to give us a call at: 812-838-4656.


ll Seniors Welcome!