Happy Birthday Everyone!!

Posey County Council on Aging
Members' August Birthdays!

1 Bonnie Young 12 Susan Tucker
2 Clint Willis 14 Martha Alldredge
Linda Dossett
Joyce Jones
Judy McCarty
3 Beverly Cross
Tom Cochran
15 Ron Tucker
4 Elizabeth Baier
Mary Mosley
16 Alta Goldman
Terry Bryant
7 Harold Neumann
David Angermeier
27 Phyllis Alspaugh
Bill Meyer
Mary Ann Schrode
8 Lola Watzlavik 28 Gail Carlisle
10 Marilyn Deig
Rosie Newmann
29 JoAnn Yeida
Barbara Grabert
11 Sharon Blanton
Jerry Jones
Beverly Schnarr
31 James Carey
Deborah Claxton


1. You are reading this!

2. You are human.

3. You can't say the letter "P" without separating your lips.

4. You just attempted to do just that!

6. You are laughing at yourself!

7. You have a smile on yur face and you skipped number 5.

8. You just checked to see if there is a number 5.

9. You laughed at this because you are a fun-loving person and everyone does it too.

10. You are probably going to share this, to see who else fall for it!