Mission Statement

The Posey County Council on Aging is a n0n-profit agency created for the
purpose of improving the life of older Americans. The primary objective
of the Agency is threefold:

1) To enable older adults to live in their homes as long as possible
with appropriate supportive services;

2) To remove individuals and social barriers to economic and personal
independence for older persons, including the provision of
opportunities for volunteer activities;

3) To act as an advocate of older persons in developing community resources for
the agingthroughout the Posey County area while providing a
comprehensive service network.

Each PCCA Center offers a variety of activities. Please check the
calendar for additional information.

The Posey County Council on Aging

Come Ride with Us!

Our service schedule runs Monday thru Friday. If medical conditions warrant, additional
days and times are added. The trip destinations include: dialysis, treatment facilities,
medical, dental and eye doctor appointments; as well as hospital, cancer treatment
centers, and same day surgery centers. In addition, we transfer elderly and handi-
capped for our nutrition program, shopping, and other general errands.

Take a ride in the versatile vehicle that has been added to our fleet of vans!
This van will hold three wheelchairs or any combination totaling nine
passengers! INDOT has been very generous - along with grant money
from the Posey County Community Foundation!

Please schedule transportation in advance by calling: 838-4656 or 1-800-915-1919.
~ If you need a ride - Please call either of the above numbers ~


To maintain growth in the Posey County Council on Aging - we NEED your help!

Please fill out one of the forms in YOUR CENTER.
We need your name, address, month and date of your birth, and telephone number.

Let us know if there is a new member who wishes to be added to receive the
PCCA Newsletter or an e-mail address for him or her. Also, please let us know,
if anyone doesn't wish to receive a PCCA Newsletter.

~ DUES ARE DUE NOW~ Yearly dues is ONLY $5.00 and with Many Benefits!
Thanks to all who have paid their 2019 dues!

Dues for the Posey County Council on Aging gives you MUCH for YOUR MONEY!


from the


We have great exercise equipment!
Come try this out!

What Else Continues?

REMEMBER: When schools in Posey Co. are cancelled for inclement weather -
the Three Centers will Also Be Closed.

Senior Resource Guide of Southwest Indiana ~ Now online at: resources.swirca.org

Do you need Health Coverage?

Do you need help with Health Insurance Problems???
Call: 812-838- 4656

(For More Information ~ Check under Senior Resources)

10 Point to Know about


1. Mailing takes time
2. Distroy your old card
Guard your card
4. Your Medicare number is unique
5. Your new card is paper
6. Keep your new card with you
7. Your doctor knows it's coming
8. You can find your number
9. Keep your Medicare Advantage card
10. Help is available - if you haven't received
it by April 2019 - call: 1-800-MEDICARE

ALL centers will be closed on Tuesday, January 1st for
New Year's Day and on January 21st for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a Federal holiday to honor the
life and achievements of this influential, Amerian civil rights leader,

Martin L. King, Jr.

Posey County Council on Aging wishes each and everyone
a very Happy New Year!
Thank YOU for participating in our Centers' activities!

~ A New Year's Resolution ~
is something that goes in one Year
and out the other!

~~~ ~ ~~~

* Activities Calendar *

"Trip to the Tropicana "
None listed for January
Watch here for the next trip to the Casino!


Thank You Participants who Again Helped
Underprivileged Posey Seniors In Need
Our Christmas Tree was a great success!
Thank YOU also goes to: K & B Auto Works,
Astra Zeneca, the Men's Breakfast Group and
all other individuals who made donation toward
this project. We were able to
reach 38 individuals in 35 households!



Our next trip with Lifestyle Tours is to
San Antonio, Texas! Please book this
great, Christmas get-a-way by May 31st
and save $150 per person!

December 1 - 5, 2019

Come fly with us to San Antonio! Double occupany
is only $2,199. It will feature San Antonio' s historic
missions, River Walk restaurants and Spanish
architeture. A visit to the Alamo, will show
where men made the ultimate sacrifice for
freedom. Then see the LBJ Ranch, and the historic
King William District. We'll take a riverboat
Ride on the Paseo del Rio and much more.
This is another great, Lifestyle Tour.
Brochures are available!

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