Mission Statement

The Posey County Council on Aging is a n0n-profit
agency created for the purpose of improving the
life of older Americans. The primary objective
of the Agency is threefold:

1) To enable older adults to live in their homes
as long as possible with appropriate
supportive services.

2) To remove individuals and social barriers
to economic and personal independence
for older persons, including the provision
of opportunities for volunteer activities.

3) To act as an advocate of older persons in
developing community resources for the
aging throughout the Posey County area
while providing a
comprehensive service network.

Posey County Council on Aging
operates its programs and services without regard to race, color, and national origin in accordance with Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  
To find out more about our nondiscrimination obligations or to file a complaint, please contact us at 812-838-4656.

Each PCCA Center offers a variety of activities. Please
check the calendar for additional information.

Our service schedule runs Monday thru Friday
for only Posey County residents.
The trip destinations include
all medical appointments.
We are also providing homemaking services.

The newest addition is the 9th vehicle to our fleet.

Please schedule transportation in advance by
calling: 838-4656 or 1-800-915-1919.

Currently, there is no vehicle that will hold more
than 6 people. A new vehicle will be here next spring.
Then more "fun" activities can begin!


We have continued our
transportation & homemaking services.

Do YOU need a ride?
Posey County Council on Aging provides
walk-on and wheelchair transportation for Posey County's only local non-emergency medical transportation provider, and are Medicaid, LCP, Southeastrans, WellTrans and ModivCare transportation. Be sure to ask for Posey County Council on Aging when you call to schedule your ride! We offer friendly, reliable service and short wait times. Call our office today to see if you qualify for transportation
through our service.


Softly green gives way to gold

The summer warmth gives way to cold

And autumn winds begin to blow

Across the changing earth.

~ Laura Jaworski ~


Significant changes to the monthly newsletter is being made in preparation for sending it by e-mail beginning in January.

Each month, there will be a scction for all our members.

Each center will have a section for their events. You will be receiving the Mt. Vernon version, if you are not a regular attendee in one of the centers.

Your e-mail will be needed with your information as soon as possible.

We are so sorry the "Mystery Trip"
fizzled out...it is no longer available.

~ *~


Suggested Donations for Transportation

In town trips (grocery, Dollar General, Bank, etc). $5.00/additional stops $3.00

In town medical trips $5.00 /Pharmacy addition $3.00
Trips in Posey County $20.00/ addtional stops $4.00
Wheelchair trips in Posey County $35.00/addtional stops $5.00
Out of Posey County Trips
Trips to Vanderburgh County (including Gateway) $30.00/ addtional stops $6.00
Trips to Warrick County $40.00/addtional stops $6.00
Out of County Wheelchair Trips
Wheelchair trip $45.00/addtional stops $6.00



We are excited about our opportunity
to provide a free tax service to Posey County residents next year, in the
Mt. Vernon Center.
This free service will be available next year for those who are 60 years and older, have in income less that $57,000.

We have several people who have volunteered to help.
This will benefit many people
in the community.

We will keep you posted!


Medicare Open

On Wednesday, October 27th
in the Mt. Vernon Center
between 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Melanie from SHIP
(State Health Insurnance Plan)
We will be taking appointments.


Thank You to those who have paid your membership dues.



Our recent Diamond Bus trip to Mt. Rushmore
was enjoyed by all!
We had 44 people go on this trip.

Upcoming Trips

We are planning a Diamond Tours bus trip to New York City!!

It will be September 8-14, 2022. Cost per
person (double occupancy) will be
$820 for 7 days and six nights. This is
a wonderful way to see the sights of
New York City!
Included will be Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Wall Street and
more. Other places of interest will be to visit Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, and
the 9/11 Museum.

We have had much interest in this trip.

Brochures are available.


A show trip to Nashville is planned for
November 14 - 17 in 2022.
More details to follow.


Other Diamond Tour Bus trips
also in the works are:

We have also scheduled a cruise to the Caribbean with Celebrity Cruises.
This will be on February 26 - March 5 2022
(8 days /7 nights)
Rate for an inside cabin is $2,132
(double occupancy) plus, it includes
the air fare from Louisville, KY.
Brochures are available.

We'd like to schedule a trip to the Biltmore
in the spring. We are waiting to hear more
about this trip, too.

More information will be in next
month's newsletter.


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